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Year: 2019     Role: Solo Designer

Norwegian Wood is a fiction book written by Haruki Murakami that focuses on the key themes of death, loss and growth. This is my entry into penguins Student Design Award 2019 whit the red rings within the wood represent the points within the book where death happens. With death being the most memorable parts of the book and created key plot points of the story, it in my opinion needed to be highlighted on the cover.


-Inside spread

As an extension to the project I also created a design for the inside pages with enough room left on the side for hand placements when reading and wanting to also create a visual difference between the story and the letters that are found in the book by just using the layout of the text. As well as the text layout I also wanted to bring the ring imagery from the cover to be brought into the pages buy using them to highlight how far through the book you are at each chapter page.

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