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Year: 2018     Role: Designer

Uniqlo Liv is a brand extension for Uniqlo specialising in soft home furnishings made from recycled clothes. This was a group project in which, as the designer, I had the task of creating a brand identity and brand book. I later had to create a poster series for the brand extension highlighting the recycled aspect of the products.

Poster series

– The concept of this series is to highlight the recycling aspect of the products by using previous adverts from Uniqlo and printing the new Uniqlo Liv advert over the top. Cut outs are used to highlight the recycled elements that the Liv product are made from.


Brand book

– Made to allow other members of the team to follow the brand aesthetics. I designed the layout of the whole book as well as creating the brand identity. All the illustrations and text were provided by other members of the team.

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